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2016 PLACES: EDU: Australian Home Lands. Invited article by Genavieve Page, the creator/developer.

Australian Home Lands.  Invited article 
by Genavieve Page, the creator/developer
Australian Home Lands, capturing the colours and sounds of the outback, the beauty of our  Australian beaches, the feel of the bush lands.  Horses roam free, pastures are plentiful, and you can canoe down the River Murray.  Or follow the winding paths through the hillside to the waterfalls and rocky canyons.
Australian Homelands

Go there

  • Be sure your sound volume is up.  Listen to the ambient sounds
  • HG Address: Home Lands
  • Put the HG address into the Find bar of World Map.  Click Find, TP
  • In KItely, put the Firestorm hop into the nav bar of the viewer, enter: 
  • hop:// Home Lands/765/197/22
  • OpenSimWorld link
  • Click the nearby sign for a note.

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Application notes

  • Educators: I am thinking geography class:  Visit Australia.  See the essence as described by someone who lives there.  With scheduling, talk to people who live there.
  • Travel agencies: Here are a few of the places your customers could visit in a trip to 
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Australian Home Lands by Genavieve Page

From the mighty River Murray to the white sandy beaches, and to the great outback of Australia. Bathed in the golden light of and Australian sun burnt land. We call Australia home..Here in a virtual world  I would like to create a masterpiece of colours and textures capturing our beautiful country to share with the world. Where horses roam free and pastures are plentiful.. canoe down the River Murray, bush walk to the middle of Australia,. follow the winding paths through the hill side to the waterfalls and rocky canons, much more to come. 
 Australian Home lands is being created out of a place of gratitude, from the country I was born into, and sharing it is my passion and dream within a 4x4 16 region platform. some areas still under construction.
 Many areas are a tribute to a time gone by, and a representation of the colours, sounds and textures you would find here in Australia
 I have used authentic  Australian sounds, capturing the call of the kookaburras. magpies, King parrots and more to make you feel you are really here in Australia as well as our towering Eucalyptus trees spread across this land.
Later I hope to and a folder in the welcome area that people will be able to take. inside will be a book filled with pictures and information about our country centered around the great outback,shore lines, and rustic rural areas. So people can learn about our home lands if they wish too
Stroll through the open wheat and corn fields bathed in the sun-kissed evening sky, that brings out the best in our Australian outback. 
South Beach Camp Site
Camp along the beaches, or sail in the many free guest sailing boats around this great land. Find a cool place under the Eucalyptus and ferns as you wander through the paths and trails. 
Join the Australian Home Lands group to keep in touch with new developments.
The South Australian area. (South on the map, Middle Beach)
Middle beach
It is a tribute to some of my favorite areas and happy times from childhood, recreated  in the way it was before  most was taken away or destroyed by council needs for resources.
The River Murray area is still in development, partly completed: it is a representation of majestic rivers that span throughout Australia and its inland communities. Complete now with the River Queen Paddle steamer, where you can relax, have a drink and look through currently added Australian scenic pictures showcasing our beautiful sunburn land and beaches.
River Queen
Other areas are a tribute to our farmers shown here in the Wheat belt industry, with its beautiful farm homestead nestled among the open fields of wheat, corn, and grazing sheep.
This area also shows the dryness of our land bathed in an eternal sunset, capturing the golden light as it casts its rays over the valleys, mountains and seas.  
The colours or our land included the rock formations, as we have so many colours over a vast continent it is hard to capture them all so slowly as I find just the right textures I will add or change areas to better showcase this beautiful land.
Wheat Plains
New South Wales ( East side) show cases Wahgunya Lodge, a stately home once owned by my  real life husbands family in the Blue Mountains area. This is not an actual copy of his home, only a representation of what it stood for. A stately home now graces the Blue Mountains as a guest house for travelers surrounded by its unique bush land, with towering gums, pines and forest floor or fern sand tree ferns. Within Australian Home Lands I have made it into a lodge for travelers to rest by the fire, have a drink at the bar or sit with friends and dine.
Wahgunya Lodge, 
Blue Mountains
The Docks also in New South Wales region graces us with an the ever growing Docks area, with its cafes, bars, and bustling activities. This area also  will be including the warehouse section full of frreebies gathers from all across freebie malls, and other free gifts people are so generously giving across Open Sim regions.
South Beach Pier
 Now completed our drive in cinema complete with classic blast from the past 60s movies. I will be adding more as I find them.  26 areas currently under development and over time will be updated with more areas for sitting and relaxing, homes are free to enjoy anytime you visit within the middle beach area or

I have also added quest sailing boats that  you can sail around this beautiful continent and quest canoes to paddle through the vast waterways and rivers.
 One area still under construction as I find the resources or make them is the Kimberly's Ranges. Here I will try to capture the majestic waterfalls rivers and cannons within this area.
Waterfalls, Kimberly's Ranges
There will be places to sit and relax, and ponder life, or hear the wild life as it ecos around you.  Much will be added to these areas over the next 6 months to capture this beautiful region.

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