Saturday, October 9, 2021

2021 VW: Second Life: from the beginnings of the metaverse. Full of people working together. Not a game, but a place to talk and work with people. Instructions on how to start.

Second Life: from the beginnings of the metaverse.  
Full of people working together.  
Not a game, but a place for people to talk and work together.
Instructions on how to start.
Why and how to enter a long established part of the metaverse.

Second life is a people place

  • You can find people if you know how to look: 
  • Open the world map and look for clusters of green dots.
  • You can chat with people in text or talk in voice.
  • You can own a place of your own and invite friends over for entertainment.
  • You can provide music or videos.
  • You can have a dance floor (avatars use dance animations}.
  • You can teach a class.
  • Or look for more ideas in the articles cited after the break




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