Wednesday, September 1, 2021

2021 Storylink radio: tales in the metaverse. Immersive story-telling in a scene about the story. FROM THE SHADOWS

Storylink radio: tales in the metaverse. 
Immersive story-telling 
in a scene about the story.
The metaverse is a place for story-telling.
  • Welcome to Storylink Radio!! 
  • Storylink Radio has many exciting things planned for this Hallowe’en. 
  • Beginning.. NOW!!! 
  • Subscribe to Storylink Radio Youtube Channel to keep updated on all events and times. 
  • For us, Hallowe'en Season begins November 1st and runs through October 31st,
  • which means we are ALWAYS in Hallowe'en Season.
  • This video will highlight some of our upcoming events, but please check the website for the latest additions. 
  • And Subscribe now to keep updated. 
  • Venue in this video is from LUNARIA EMPORIUM in Kitely 
  • Storylink Radio YouTube Channel 
  • The stories are told in the metaverse and captured on video to offer them on the flat web.




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