Wednesday, September 29, 2021

2021 Education in the metaverse: Virtual World Education Consortium: Building An Education Network Across Virtual Worlds

Education in the metaverse:  
Virtual World Education Consortium: 
Building An Education Network Across Virtual Worlds
What we have been doing in the metaverse while other people have been telling you what it will be like when it is developed.
  • Watch on YouTube
  • VWEC Educator Panel: with Sheila Webber (SL: Sheila Yoshikawa); Renne Emiko Brock (SL: Zinnia Zauber); Greg Perrier (SL: Dodge Threebeards; Becky Adams (SL: Elli Pinion) 
  • Main advantage of the  metaverse: Distance vanishes: 
  • Travel time:1 minute, travel cost: $0.00
  • You are close to everyone in the metaverse.
The goal of the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium (VWEC) is to bring educators together both to share what has been successful and to tackle obstacles across virtual platforms and communities. Through meeting quarterly, educational communities can collaborate and document progress on best practices for teaching and learning in virtual environments. The initial groups that worked on this idea were The Community Virtual Library (CVL), Nonprofit Commons (NPC), NOVA Community College, Octagon, Rockliffe University, the University of New Mexico, Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, Whole Brain Health and Thinkerer Selby. 

How the metaverse benefits educators

  • Teach online from home.
  • Find colleagues with similar classes.
  • Find collaborators for projects.
  • Make videos at almost no cost.
  • Get advice from other educators.
  • Familiarize students with working in the metaverse.

How the metaverse benefits students

  • Gives experience in the metaverse.
  • Develops digital skills.
  • Offers a wider selection of friends.
  • Offers a wider selection of courses.



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