Sunday, September 12, 2021

2021 VW: The educational metaverse and online teaching companies. Not your father's textbooks.

The educational metaverse and online teaching companies.  
Not your father's textbooks.
School systems can partner with partner with private companies for online instructional services.

Taylor Shead (STEMuli Education) discusses Our Educational Metaverse at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit. STEMuli and the #1 urban school district in the US, Dallas ISD, have teamed up to build the school of the future where students can create their educational experience, learn from anywhere, earn virtual work experience, and collect micro-scholarships based on their achievements. STEMuli is focused on data-driven instruction that saves teachers time and keeps students engaged in learning. They leverage AAA video game developers, data analytics, and curriculum experts to propel students towards a brighter future.

STEMuli is a fully integrated virtual schoolhouse that connects companies to their future workforce and students from diverse and economically challenged households to a brighter future.

Remote learning services 

  • School systems can partner with private organizations for online learning services.
  • Private organizations can provide worldwide services online, spreading the developmental cost.
  • School systems can provide remote classes for students who want or need them.
  • Private organizations can do research to improve their teaching.
  • Private organizations can offer multiple options to let students choose the teaching package that suits them.
  • Remote learning could let school systems avoid some building costs.  

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