Saturday, September 11, 2021

2021 Virtual senior center template: Companionship and social interaction at home. Social activities in the metaverse.

Virtual senior center template:  
Companionship and social interaction at home.  
Social activities in the metaverse.
Senior center at home.


  • No travel time.  No travel cost.  No facility cost.
  • Wheelchair friendly.
  • No sharing of germs.  No lockdowns.
  • Maybe the relevant question is "Why not?"




Basic room design

  • Large room with small square tables seating 4 (like card tables)
  • Stage on one wall backed by screen for web page display
  • People at a table are able to limit voice to that table and turn off voice from other tables.
  • Meeting leader has voice channel that talks to all.
  • Other walls carry posters with links to web pages offering support.

Why a virtual world?

  • In a virtual world, you can bring people into a scene that fits their interest.
  • The scene could be a flower garden with familiar flowers and sounds.
  • A virtual world is as social as a senior center--it could have dozens of people.
  • A virtual world can have a game room, as in a senior center.
  • It offers a sense of presence---each person can have a room of their own.

Why not a physical senior center?

  • That's fine if seniors are mobile and can arrange regular transportation.  
  • But a virtual world is as near as the computer.
  • And you can get to it in a wheelchair.
  • It can be open 24/7 to people anywhere.
  • To people living where they grew up, went to school, used to work.
  • Or to family anywhere.

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