Sunday, May 30, 2021

2021 #VWEDU: DTA: Could a college replace lecturers with videos? A good lecture video could serve the entire freshman class. And all the online classes, too

Could a college replace lecturers with videos?  
A good lecture video could serve the entire freshman class.  
And all the online classes, too
Suppose videos replace lectures in college.  

College lectures online

What are the best lectures?

  • Those that best meet the student needs.
  • Two measures go into that:  Student performance and student satisfaction.
  • Since student study preferences vary, there is probably no single best lecture.
  • But If multiple lectures are available on the same subject matter, there is a procedure for evaluating them on the criteria above.
  • Thus a college could develop an evaluated set of lectures that should be better than the work of any individual professor. 
  • It could even offer lectures for specific learning styles.


The value of videos (for research)

  • A video is replicable. A live lecture is not.
  • The video of the lecture by professor X is the same every time.
  • Live lectures will vary on each occasion.
  • If we evaluate the video,  we can be sure that it stays the same.
  • And that it stays the same in the future.  

The value of videos (as educational products)

  • The evaluation results are much more valuable for the video than they would be for the live lecture for professor X.
  • The video can be replicated without limit.  
  • The copyright owner can sell licenses to other schools.
  • Professor X could make a lot of money from that if he owns the copyright.  
  • If the school pays for making the video, the school may own the copyright.

Video collections as textbooks

  • Of course.  They are as easy to duplicate as textbooks are.
  • They might even be combined with textbooks.

What happens to lecturers?

  • A few make a lot of money making video lecturers.
  • Most transfer to other work, either in the schools or elsewhere.

How do schools justify their charges for such courses?



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