Sunday, May 23, 2021

2021 Desktop VR: Tessin: Sailing, sea battles, farming, dancing, gemstone hunt, shipwreck island

Sailing,  sea battles, farming, dancing, gemstone hunt, shipwreck island...
This is the world for sailors , hunters, hikers, drunkards, pirates, smugglers and navy captains.
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Tessin is a place where many different types of landscapes can be found, and expressed in this 64 sim huge world. Recently there are four different communities active on this world: Tessin main sims, Celyddon HarbourRavenSteijn and Shipwreck island , with each having their own theme and atmosphere. 

This is the world for sailors , hunters, hikers, drunkards, pirates, smugglers and navy captains. Enjoy the thrilling sailing battles or sailing races. 

We provide simple homes ( free ) with 500 prims, and some cheap rentals for people who need more prims ( house with garden, or house on an island, new islands can be made on request)

NEW: rent a full sim: 5 dollars a month for 9600 prims 



Sailing races with Statenjacht Utrecht, a classical ship scripted by Kayaker Magic. This ship is a wonderful simulation of realistic sailing and is also capable of joining at sailing battles.  Open for public, instructions to learn to sail it, and accessible by teleport on landing point.  

Sailing battles with different historical sailing ships, without the disturbing sim borders and crashes. ( 64 sims and lots of open sea to sail) Watch the notices in the group. Recently we can provide sailors the classical SPD ships: check out Kitely's marketplace to buy one. 

-Gemstone hunt   Follow the signs on the landing point to the caves and more information will be given. This hunt will give the hunter wonderful gemstones, lessons about their healing powers and the winner will have an exclusive price.  Ongoing hunt.

-Satyr farming system TP system on the landing point will take you to the satyr farm area. All information is provided in the market stand at the farm. All equipement is there: winepress, brewery, grinder, loom, etc etc. Please take the eggs when your there :)

-Taverns, restaurants , guestrooms For the tourists or couples visiting our sims there are many places to enjoy food and dancing, tavern the Green Dragon provides guests also a greedy table. For the ones who like the more dark themed places , pick the castle teleporter at landing point. It will bring you to Crows castle , where you find a ballroom and guestrooms. Dont forget the library with stories to read ( especially for Roald Dahl lovers) 

-RavenSteijn: a sim with many details: walk the paths , and visit the tavern ( illegal brewery). Owner is Cata Raven. She s the taverns wench. 

-Celyddon harbour: the home of the Celydon navy: Commander Ballyrae Hanley , Til Uylenspiegel and Melanie Auxifur are living a peaceful life there, but we warn you for the tax collectors. 

-Shipwreck island: home of the famous pirate Scurvy , who uses his cannons a lot, on land and at sea. Beware!

Please note, it is very important you're in the Tessin group when you want to try all activities or make your group active when your a member already. The group inviter is at the landing point , but the method below will work as well: 

If you want to join the Tessiner group, please copy this URL and paste it in open chat: 


This will show you a link in the open chat bar " Tessin"  and this link will make it possible to join the group so you can read when there are new events or activities. 



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