Tuesday, May 4, 2021

2021 DTA: Charlie wants work as a greeter bot. Works 24/7, always says what you wrote, works for milliamps, makes a virtual world social.

Charlie wants work as a greeter bot.  
Works 24/7, always says what you wrote, 
works for milliamps, makes a virtual world social.
Imaginary greeter bot applies for a job.

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Charlie script 

Charlie:  Hi. I am Charlie the Chatter, seeking work in 3DWebWorldz as a greeter.
Jamie is a manager interviewing me. Here jamie comes now.

Jamie:  What can I do for you?

Charlie:  Hi,  I'm Charlie the chatbot looking for work here as a greeter.

Jamie: Why do we need a greeter?

Charlie:  You have a great social platform.  But when people come in, they are all alone.  They don't find a social platform.  Unless you have a greeter there to talk to them.

Jamie:  Wouldn't a real human work better than a chatbot?

Charlie:  Sure, but I work 24/7.  You don't know when people will come in so you can't be sure to be there when they come.  But you can be sure I will be there whenever they come. Besides, you are showing how this place can provide welcome services that they might use.

Jamie:  But why use a dog?  Why not a human that looks like he knows something?

Charlie: Because bots don't really know much.  People don't expect a dog to know much.  And lots of people are shy, especially in an unfamiliar place.  They won't be shy with a dog.  And did you notice that you made that smart one a man?  Any way you do it, with a person, you get caught in gender issues.

Jamie:  OK, so what would you do to greet them

Charlie:  Hi. I'm Charlie the Chatter..  I am trying out for the job of greeter here.  Please ask me a question so I can show how I answer questions. People often start by wondering what to do next.  Would you like me to suggest how to get started? Just type in the chat window, lower left.

{Charlie:  If  the response contains a keyword, I give them the related answer. If not, I go on}

Jamie: Give me suggestions.

Charlie:  Oh, thank you,  Most people first want to know how to explore and how to communicate.  You already know how to use text to communicate with me.  That works the same with anybody. They type, you read it in the chat window and type back.

Charlie:  Of course, you can also talk to people over the microphone.  Just click on the mic button, bottom left.  I am not smart enough to handle talking, so I stick to text chat. But you still might want to try the mic now."  

Charlie:  Notice that when voice starts, the mic is on, so everyone will hear anything said where you are.  You may want to turn the mic off when you don't intend to talk.

Charlie:  Do you have any other questions or would you like me to tell you a little about exploring?

{Charlie: If the response contains a keyword, I give them the related answer. If not, I go on.}

CharlieThere are two parts to exploring.   Moving around is the first part.  The sign behind me tells how to do that.  Teleporting to another place is the second part, but for that you have to know about choosing a place, so we can wait on that till you explore a little here.  You know, a little doing is worth a lot of reading.  

Jamie: Well. you've made a good case.  We'll have to look into bringing you on here.

Charlie:  Oh, thanks.  Just remember, I'm always on the job, I don't cost much, and I always say what you want me to say.

Jamie:  Okay, so, 2 final questions. Would you be willing to wear a shirt?  And will you work for dog treats?

Charlie: A shirt?  Oh, sure.  I could wear a shirt promoting this place.  And I am a dog bot, so I work a lot cheaper than dog treats.  I live on milliamps.  I thought you knew that.  

Jamie:  I've never hired a dog before, how would I know!


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