Sunday, May 16, 2021

2021 ART: Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Exhibit Catalog. Always on megaregion.

Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Exhibit Catalog
Grand opening of Sendalonde Community Library and Theater.
On May 8, 2021 we had the Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Community Library & Theater on Wellspring on the Kitely grid. At the same time, we had the first performance in the Sendalonde Theater and had our first exhibit Shipwrights of Kitely.

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  • Wellspring 
  • Community Library 
  • Weefolk Township



Wellspring is a 64-region ALWAYS-ON Mega World. There are Victorian, Steampunk, Fantasy, two regions for Weefolk, a vardo camp, long tunnels and caves, and an underwater fantasy. There is also a year round ice rink with free skates and skating AO, waterways for boating with a rezzable boat for you to sail, a few vehicles to drive, parks, several freebie stores and the famous Sendalonde Community Library that was well known on InWorldz and beyond. Visit Hogwarts Great Hall built by Dawn Greymyst. We are filling the Museum of Metaverse Artists with art from artists across many Opensim grids.

Tiny, Chompy, Dwagons and Dinkie community (Weefolk Township): If you want the fun of living as a Wee in a community, please contact Snoots Dwagon. "Tiny, Dinkie, Wee and Teenies are terms used for small avatars in virtual worlds, usually thigh-high or smaller." Homes with 500 prims total plot allowance is zero cost to you. A sign at the Wellspring Welcome Center and in the Weefolk Township gives out a notecard with full details. Wellspring merchants Ada Radius and DragonForge are developing new avatars for Dinkies and Tinies. Chompy, NiteBite Dragons and Dwagons are available on Kitely Market--see them at Wellspring Uptown Shopping. Try Kayaker Magic's catamaran and sailboat for tinies at Wellspring Harbor Cafe docks.

Our founding merchants are: Ada Radius, DragonForge, Featherburr, and Loose Cannon Ship Yard. New merchants: Clowey's, and E&R Desing.


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