Saturday, May 15, 2021

2021 #VWEDU: Multiverse Masters, Gamification Simulation ideas. Desktop VR, no headset needed.

Multiverse Masters,
Gamification Simulation ideas
Desktop VR, no headset needed.
Gamification in desktop VR. 

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Multiverse Masters

Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. Currently I am fine tuning the Island as an educators resource area filled with examples of uses and tutorial links at

Explore as you will as I have no idea what ventures lie ahead.

I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted. If ever you see something that your concerned about please let me know. My goal is to support the opensource community by keeping resources free and shared. Many awesome and inexpensive resources I find on the Kitely market. While creating worlds appropriate and beneficial for general audiences in the virtual environment I am having fun. I will often work on multiple projects




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