Sunday, April 4, 2021

2021 PROMO: Plan for organizing a blog in a digital "world". One person, publishing once a month, will get no following in years. But a collaborative blog...

Plan for organizing a blog in a digital "world". 
One person, publishing once a month, 
will get no following in years.  
But a collaborative blog...
Suggestions as to how and why a community or professionally-oriented class might want to develop a collaborative blog that reports on what they are doing.

  • Twenty people, publishing once a month on related topics, can build a following.
  • That is the potential of a collaborative blog/

Where would you get 20 people?

  • In a community.  People in a community share common interests.
  • In a professionally-oriented class. They all share professional interests. 

Why blog?




Create content

Build readership

Promote the posts 

  • Wherever there is interest in the subject.
  • One or two Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn if the subject would  interest some professionals 

Collaborative blogs


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