Sunday, April 4, 2021

2021 DTA: A meeting with Charlie the Chatter. A draft model for a welcome bot in a virtual world. The tale of the chatter dog.

A meeting with Charlie the Chatter.  
A draft model for a welcome bot in a virtual world. 
The tale of the chatter dog.
An episode in the life of Charlie, the apprentice bot dog.
An important sign

I knew right away I was in over my head.  This was a three-dimensional world inside the computer.  Or down the rabbit hole.  "What do I do next?", I asked myself.

Then I noticed a big, shaggy dog trotting towards me.  It wore a sign saying "Look for the chat window, lower left."  It stopped, sat up and wagged its tail."


"Hi. I'm Charlie the Chatter." appeared in a small window, lower left.  "I am trying out for the job of greeter here.  Please ask me a question so I can show how I answer questions. People often start by wondering what to do next.  Would you like me to suggest how to get started? Just type in the chat window."

"Yes," I typed, knowing that chat bots work best with few words.

"Oh, thank you," said Charlie with a tail wag. "Most people first want to know how to explore and how to communicate.  You already know how to use text communicate with me.  That works the same with anybody. They type, you read it in the chat window and type back."

"Of course, you can also talk to people over the microphone," Charlie continued  "Just click on the mic button, bottom left.  I am not smart enough to handle talking, so I stick to text chat. But you still might want to try the mic now."  

"Notice that when it starts, the mic is on, so everyone will hear anything said where you are.  You may want to turn the mic off when you don't intend to talk."

Charlie stopped for a moment and trotted over to sit in front of a big sign that said something about how to walk. 

"There are two parts to exploring, "  Charlie explained.  "Moving around is the first part.  The sign behind me tells how to do that.  Teleporting to another place is the second part, but for that you have to know about choosing a place, so we can wait on that till you look at the other signs here. When you want to know about teleporting, just ask me about it. Meanwhile there are lots of things in this place to explore."

Charlie stood and walked a few steps away, then turned back to face me.  "You can whistle for me any time. Just click the Charlie button, lower left."

Charlie then vanished.  Not even a smile left.  Curiouser and curiouser.



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