Friday, April 23, 2021

2021 BIZ: #VWEDU: How the Kitely system would work for big online events.

How the Kitely system would work for big online events. 
Suggestions of how to plan an event in a virtual world.
80 bots in a Kitely world

The Kitely system 

  • Spreads a large audience into multiple rooms.  
  • (They may be called luxury boxes.)
  • No room is overloaded. 
  • A presentation to a large audience is streamed to all the rooms.
  • Arrangements are made to collect questions from all the rooms for a closing QA session.
  • Breakout rooms and vendor-sponsored rooms can be provided.

The venue

  • Organizer (O) will estimate the number attending from the registrations.
  • O will specify the number of people per room and the needed number of rooms.
  • For 1000 people, 50 people per room, 20 rooms would be needed. 
  • The time for opening the venue would be well in advance of the time for the presentation.
  • Kitely would fill one room at a time until all the rooms have the specified number.
  • If there is overflow, the arrivals would be distributed over the rooms so as to stay close to the specified number.

Suggested room design

Communication support

  • Question channel: gathers all questions for answers by speakers.
  • People type questions in IM to MC.  MC arranges them for later use.  
  • Question stream may be displayed to the audience.
  • Networking help
  • Hosting Large Events in Kitely. How to support networking.
  • Group joiner panels for groups of possible interest.
  • Landmarks for group rooms, breakout rooms and main auditorium.
  • Teleport instructions:  "Double-click on a landmark to go there."
  • Profile instructions: How to fill out your profile so people can find you by your interests.


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