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2020 Hosting Large Events in Kitely. How to support networking.

Hosting Large Events in Kitely.  
How to support networking
Suggestions on how to support networking in virtual worlds.
80 bots in a Kitely world

Kitely is ready to host large virtual events

  • One of the main activities in large commercial or professional events is networking.
  • Virtual events can offer better networking opportunities than physical events,  but not without planning.
  • Online networking 
  • For a large event in Kitely, there are two potential sources of networking support: The event database and Kitely groups.

Occasions for networking

  • Organizers create events for networking by gathering a group of people with common interests.
  • They can create an attractive event by having a few experts lead a discussion.
  • Kitely can easily provide meeting rooms. 
  • All that is needed is a way to notify the target audience of time and place.

The event database

  • Event database (search)
  • To support networking, the database should collect user interests and contact information.
  • This information would be collected during registration.
  • The database would be searchable for these interests.
  • Users would have way to group the names and send notices to these groups.

Kitely groups

  • Kitely supports user groups that gather people with common interests.
  • An event can create its own groups and/or use existing Kitely groups.
  • A common use for these groups is to send notices to all group members, or at least to those online at the time.

Kitely existing groups 

Creating new groups

  • To create a new group: Click People button. Groups tab.  Plus sign to the far right.


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