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2020 HG: HELP: #DTA: OpenSim: get sim visitors to the right destination. Skill sets: land manager, event manager. An example of use-organized instruction.

OpenSim: get sim visitors to the right destination.   
Skill sets: land manager, event manager.
An example of use-organized instruction.
Use-organized instruction:  Instructions grouped by skill sets needed for specific functions.
Arrival point overview
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  • Those little signs around the wall are not just signs.
  • They are walkin teleports.
  • An avatar walks into them and arrives at another part of the island.
  • You can get them on Kitely Market by searching for teleports.
  • Other kinds of teleporters are available.

Skill sets

    Here is what beginners might know


    OpenSimulator has big sims

    Arriving from what origin?

    From the Hypergrid

    • Travel tips for the Hypergrid. A DTA content page
    • Hypergrid address
    • Landmark
    • The grid may have a web page (Kitely does) with the HG address. 
    • A sim can have only one hypergrid address, 
    • generally to the 256 X 256 area at lower left corner
    • When people come in via Hypergrid address, their default landing point is 128, 128. 
    • You can take them to another place (at least to coordinates from 1 to 255): 
    • Create a parcel that includes 128, 128 and your preferred landing point. 
    • Set parcel landing place to your preferred landing point.
    • There you could offer teleports to other places.
    • People can also arrive by landmark (from the local grid or Hypergrid).
    • Landmarks can take people to any spot unless you have a landing point set,

    From your grid: 

    • If you set no landing point:
    • Visitors without landmark will arrive where the Hypergrid traffic lands   
    • Visitors with landmark will land at the destination of the landmark.  
    • Visitors can use Double-click TP on a surface or on the map.

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