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2020 #VWEDU: How would you teach interpersonal skills online? Social VR, DTA, videos, behavior modelling, critical incidents technique.

How would you teach interpersonal skills online?  
Social VR, DTA, videos, behavior modelling, 
critical incident technique.
A brief description of how one can teach interpersonal skills online with the aid of existing tools.

Outside the box

  • Online does not mean alone.
  • Online is not limited to reading a web page.
  • Online includes social VR and videos.  
  • Alone does not exclude a digital teaching assistant (DTA) driven by AI.
  • Explicit learning: Learning activities directed towards explicit learning objectives.

Teaching interpersonal skills


Who teaches it?

  • Training in interpersonal skills is often done by employers with focus on specific situations relevant to employee assignments.
  • Employer training is likely to be done as microlearning.
  • Such training may also be offered in a school of education with focus in teacher-student interaction.
  • A college employment office might offer training in employment interviews.

Needed resources

  • Teaching any skill to humans is based on describing successful performance and frequent failure modes.
  • The descriptions are often collected as critical incident records. 
  • Examples of critical incidents
  • The descriptions are rendered as videos with actors following scripts.
  • Some of the videos are cut at the point where the incipient failure mode is clear.
  • In these, completing segments are produced showing both the failure and successful counter-action.

Behavior modelling

Training online: Solo

  • Solo training can teach names and concepts, possibly adequate for beginners. 
  • Worth considering because it can be done at low cost.
  • Learning objective: The student is able to recognize failure modes and name them correctly (concepts and labels).
  • Materials: multiple Videos illustrating each failure mode: consequences and successful avoidance.

Level 1

  • Failure modes are presented with name and narration about cause.
  • Assessment: Failure modes are presented no information.  Learner answers multiple-choice questions about the name and cause.
  • The DTA can manage the assessments

Level 2

  • Learning objective: The student is able to recognize failure modes and name a correct counter-action (concepts and labels).
  • Failure modes are presented with successful counter-actions.  Each counter-action is named.
  • Assessment: Failure modes are presented no information.  Learner answers multiple-choice questions about the correct counter-action.
  • The DTA can manage the assessments

Training online: Group

  • Requires social virtual reality, probably not with binocular view.
  • Learning objective: Develop the student's skill in responding to critical incidents.
  • General method: Role playing
  • Students play the role of people participating in a critical incident. 
  • Following each episode, the students discuss the actions (good and open to improvement).  The teacher may contribute. 

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