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2015 HG: PEOPLE: ART: New plans for WIP meeting, to show stuff with OSSL threat functions

New plans for WIP meeting, 
to show stuff with OSSL threat functions
The WIP show sometimes needs a meeting place where people can show objects running OSSL functions that have a high threat level.  Usually these can only be run by the owner of the sim or by a sim manager.  Pandora is a region specifically set up to support showing of such objects, so some of the meetings will be held there.  This article presents details of how to get there and present.  
Probable seating

We (of the WIP organizers) are still learning. 

  • Much work is being done with OSSL functions not available in Second Life.  
  • OSSL adds functions to LSL: threat levels control misuse
  • That work cannot easily be shown in Kitely.
  • because of restrictions on who can use the threat functions.  
  • Nara Malone has offered her Pandora region as a host for presentations.
  • Pandora is specifically designed for demos of OSSL functions.
  • The grid is also non-commercial, if that matters to you.  

Go there

  • Paste the grid address below in the World Map, next to Find, click Find, TP
  • At the grid, look in the world map for Pandora, TP there
  • Or use the Firestorm hop in the nav bar of Firestorm
  • hop://
  • Current plans: WIP meets on Pandora on the second Sunday of the month
  • Meeting time: Noon California time.  
  • Next WIP meeting: Oct. 11 at noon California time.
  • If you don't rez fully, edit your appearance or rebake.

Second meeting in October?

  • We need content, MC, and time for second meeting. 
  • (More after the break)

News and Notes



    Nara says:

    • I will create a group for presenters there, 
    • and make that region owned by presenter's group,
    • so group members will have the power to use OSSL functions and NPCs. 
    • They will have to come ahead of the presentation to create their NPC 
    • NPC appearance does not travel well between grids because 
    • assets will have different UUIDs. 

    If you are going to present at Pandora

    • Contact Nara Nook (in narasnook) for an invitation to the presentation group.
    • In that group (and wearing the role Nara gives you)
    • You can rez and run OSSL functions with high threat levels

    If you want to use voice, remember:

    • You may lose your voice on travel over HG.
    • If you lose voice at Pandora, toggle voice.
    • Toggle: turn it off, count to 5, turn it on.
    View from the stage
    • Look over the things on the shelves.  You may want some.
    • And check those balls on the ground.
    • They may have valuable scripts. 



    News and Notes


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