Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 PEOPLE: Virtual Lisbon, scaling a replica of the central city

Virtual Lisbon, scaling a 
replica of the central city
Carlos Loff is building a replica of central Lisbon in Aviworlds.  The replica will hold about 3.5 square miles (259 acres) of the center of town, airport, and the harbor.  
World Map of Virtual Lisbon
  • Lisbon Google Map
  • Grey, white and other colors mark construction, finished and unfinished.
  • Blue is water, green is unfinished.

From Carlos Loff

I have just started it and it will simulate Lisbon - ALMOST - street by street, so I'm not in a hurry - But one of my plans is to invite people to take care of some areas and even allow some building or decoration - Im all open to suggestions - This will be a reference on the Hypergrid but it may be only ready and tuned for Christmas. -- Carlos Loff
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News and Notes



    Belem Tower
    • Yes, that is my av standing on the top deck
    • The square openings below the deck are gun ports with canons in them.
    • The tower was built to defend the harbor.
    Cannon at gun port
    Ponte 25 de Abril

    Technical matters

    • The region is made up of 9 var regions in a 3x3 square
    • Var regions are enlarged regions available in OpenSim
    • These var regions are 1024 meters on a side. 
    • Each of these vars = 4x4 standard (SL) sized sims: 16
    • Virtual Lisbon has 9 such vars. 16x9 = 144 standard sized sims
    • Cost/month in Second Life= 144x$300 = $43,200
    • The region will simulate nearly 2 miles on a side.
    • With a total of nearly 3.6 sq miles, or 2304 acres
    Container loading port
    Lisbon Airport
    Trucks for airport

    My temp display area
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    News and Notes


      HG WIP Show Sun, Sept. 6

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