Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 VIDEO: WRITE: Immersive Edge, not since the dawn of time travel.... Immersive Edge, a collaborative video production

Immersive Edge, not since the dawn of time travel...  
A collaborative video production
A project to merge storytelling with video production. Virtual worlds, video capture and editing software, YouTube, and social media have brought video production within reach of people (formerly writers) who want to tell stories.  This article announces the release of a resulting video production.

Only love matters.
It should be that simple.
It never is.

When their DIY mashups of VR headsets and god helmets goes haywire, cyber-lovers, Dylan and Namaka, are plunged into a life-or-death adventure. With their consciousness fused into their avatar bodies, they must find the path back to reality before their physical bodies die.

Their quest takes them through beautiful yet deadly worlds. Their appearances change with each new destination along the “path of the rose”. As they defeat villains and overcome challenges, their fear of not finding a way home is replaced by fear they will.

Can real life compare to living on the immersive edge?

It’s your job to find the way home and bring them back.

It won’t be easy.

In cyber, everything’s a lie.
And nothing is.

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News and Notes


    This scene is one part of a much greater Open Sim hypergrid story, Immersive Edge , written, built and produced by 25 persons, who share an interest in telling the story with 3D illustrations and interactivity, including narration and tasks for the visitor (reader) to do.

    News and Notes


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        PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE: UWA 3D Art & Film Challenges 2015,

        The University of Western Australia (UWA) has launched 'PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE, the 6th UWA Grand Art Challenge and MachinimUWA VIII with a starting prize pool in excess of L$560,000.   Deadline: Midnight SLT, 31st October 201

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