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2013 EDU: TKR: Life's Little Lessons From Virtual Worlds

 Life's Little Lessons From Virtual Worlds
Life lessons are what you learn when you set out to do things. Not pass tests, but actually reach a real goal.  In virtual worlds you can set goals.  You can reach the goals or not reach the goals.  That's the way it works in real life, too.  But in virtual worlds, you get do-overs.  You can't get killed.  You can't even get mugged, drugged, or beaten.  So you can take more risks.  Lean things faster.  

What a student can learn beyond the subject matter

  • How to research subject matter: internet search and evaluate skills.
  • Interpersonal skills (how to work with other people).
  • Speaking skills (how to present your ideas effectively).
  • Organizational skills (how to develop an effective plan).
  • Group skills (how to work in a task-oriented group).
  • Self-confidence: if you have all the skills above, you look self-confident.
  • You don't really know something useful until you can do something useful.
  • You get nowhere till you learn to focus on what you can do or learn.
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      Some life lessons you can learn in virtual worlds

      You don't know anything useful until you can do something useful

      • Is being able to answer questions on a test valuable in the "real" world?
      • Oh, sure it is valuable in school.  
      • But even in a virtual world, you have to be able to use what you know.
      • To use what you know is an extra skill that schools may not teach. 

      Everything is hard until you know how.  

      • You probably think that is obvious.  But you've been around for a while.  
      • And you have never counselled undergraduates.   
      • Especially the ones who "can't do math."

      Never let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

      Confidence is rooted in challenges met

      • And the value of play in the virtual world is that you survive every challenge.

      Failure is not fatal

      • Ok, sometimes failure is fatal in the "real" world.
      • There is no such thing as a pretty good alligator wrestler.
      • If at first you don't succeed, sky-diving is not for you.  
      • So learning to respond to failure is safer in a virtual world.

      The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

      • If you don't know how to start, start a trial run.
      • That is less expensive in a virtual world.

      If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything. 

      • In a virtual world, you get unlimited do-overs.

      You get nowhere till you learn to focus on what you can do or learn.

      • Don't think limits, think possibilities

      When you try something and succeed, it really does feel good

      • You don't need somebody to say "good job."
      • You don't need a certificate when you have the thing running.

      The value in winning lies not in what you get but in what you learn about yourself.

      • You can never be better than you think you are. 

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