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2015 HELP: PROMO: Outsourcing your tier -- Ann Tree Prenyour

Outsourcing your tier -- Ann Tree Prenyour
If you have land in Second Life, outsourcing your tier may save you money.  

Selby: Ann Tree Prenyour, one of my mental alts, Insists on a by-line for this article.  
Ann:  I've been critical of people in virtual worlds.   I want a chance to say something good. 
Selby:  You mean a promotable idea for making money.  
Ann:  Nothing is promotable long term unless it benefits the customer.  Actually, the benefit to the customer is what makes it promotable, at least long term.   This idea about outsourcing the tier is promotable that way. And clever.  That's why I want to tell about it.
Selby:  Ok.  You can do that right after the break.
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      Ann:  Selby got a notecard recently.  Here is how it started:
      • Ask yourself two simple questions: 
      • Are you using every single square meter you're paying for? 
      • Do you pay VAT on your land costs? 
      • If you answered “yes” to either question, we can help you save money on your Second Life tier. 
      Selby:  Another of my head alts, Mo the Pro, grabbed onto that immediately.
      Pro Mo:  Look how fast it gets your attention, tells you it is aimed at you and teases the value proposition.  Clearly the work of a pro.
      Ann:  So I picked up on it, too.  The Ann Tree Prenyours and the Pro Mo people usually work together.  Here is the proposition they offer: 
      By outsourcing your tier to us, we can reduce your costs by ensuring you only pay for the land you use. Even if you do not pay VAT on your land, we can still save you money and best of all, your payments are made in $L. Simply add one of our Tier-Giving avis to your land group. We require no special privileges, so you remain in complete control – we can also provide references from our many satisfied customers. 
      Mo:  That is abstract.  Don't try to sell with abstract.  Go concrete:
      • Example: 4095 m2 from Linden Labs costs you $25 US + Premium Membership. 
      • From us, that same parcel would cost you $L3724; that's $15 US 
      • No need for Premium Membership.
      • 40% cheaper than Linden Labs, and no VAT!
      Ann:  They saw unused tier because people often don't use all the land the pay for in tier.  That is usually cost free income to LL. They get the money, but provide no land.  By aggregating unused tier, they can use it to cover additional land, which they can rent out.  Aggregating is one of the big favorites of my family, as I said before
      Mo:  They summarize the benefits to the customer.
      • - You no longer need to pay membership by outsourcing your tier to us 
      • - You pay only for the land you use.
      • - Payment in l$ is accepted  (and by prior arrangement in most currencies).
      • - Keep full control of your land.
      • - Keep full control of your group.
      Yes Butters: Yes, but it looks as if you will have to transfer your land to them.  Otherwise, you will have be paying for membership.
      Pro Mo: It looks as if they need you to trust them.  They are offering references. 
      We have been established in SL for over six years, and have a great reputation for honesty and reliability and are happy to provide references. 

      Selby:   It looks as if you transfer the land to them and then they rent it to you for the reduced price.  They can use the remaining tier to cover additional land.  And they are in a place that does not have VAT.  Reasonable. but check their credentials carefully!
      Pro Mo:  They close with by urging the reader to action. 

      Ask us for a quote today! You'll be amazed at what we can save you.  Just drop a note to marserena Sewell, greyhat Newman or flat box and we'll be happy to help. 
      Pro Mo: They only left out one thing.  
      Selby:  I'll bet our readers have already figured it out.  
      Pro Mo:  They will if they try to tell their friends on Second Life about it.  
      Selby: Or when they try to look it up on the internet.  

      Pro Mo:  You should not tell them, you know.
      Selby:  I know.  I am a recovering academic.  I used to tell people everything I knew.  
      Pro Mo:  The rule Is: "When you have told all that you set out to tell, shut up."
      Selby:  So I will.


      News and Notes


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          1. A much cheaper alternative is splitting your 4096 into four 512 parcels and giving them to three "premium" alts. This results in a cost of only $22 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. You still own the land, (why foolishly give away your valuable land?) plus you get premium benefits and support. You have ZERO cost for each 512 land owned by a group of alts, not $25 as he claims. You get a $300 a week stipend which he fails to claim.