Friday, July 3, 2015

2015: ART: Art in sound and sight. Imagine it on that big vid screen on your wall!

Art in sound and sight.  Imagine it on that big vid screen on your wall!
Updated 7/31/2015
Morlita Quan is an originator at the forefront of virtual visual and audio art. She is the vanguard of a movement inspiring many new artists in SL as well as real life. Pictures from a concert in Kitely, with Fuschia Nightfire providing the visual decorations.

  • The Hypergrid Safari visited Cookie II on Wednesday. 
  • Morlita Quan! 2 PM Pacific (SLT) Wed., June 24th! 
  • Visual effects by Fuschia Nightfire
  • Wizards Retreat on Cookie II on Kitely Grid
  • HyperGrid teleport: II
  • Event managed by Roxy Gellar
  • Event and Cookie II sponsored by New Media Arts
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News and Notes

SciFi Film Festival

  • Deadline for Regular submissions Midnight – 1 August 2015
  • Deadline for Late Submissions Midnight – 29 August 2015

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    Venue in glass
    • Roxy has regular shows on Cookie II at 
    • 11 am-1 pm  on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
    • For the next event, check the Kitely Calendar

    • Firestorm hop:  In Kitely, paste this hop in the nav bar of Firestorm, enter
    • hop:// II/490/458/100
    • HG address: II
    • Paste address into the World Map next to Find.  Click Find.
    • TP to Kitely, use the hop. hop:// II/490/458/100
    • Or look for the walkin tp board at the welcome circle
    • Calendar for: The Sun & Moon Group - Wizards Retreat, Kitely
    Hey Raven!  Can I quote you?
    Strange audience
    Strange lighting
    Is there a mouse in the audience?
    Visions by Fuschia Nightfire
    Sponsored by  New Media Arts
    If you'd like to donate to New Media Arts, you can do that right here 
     Click to support the general fund.of New Media Arts
    If you shop at Amazon, you can sign up at Amazon Smile, and they'll donate a small fraction of each of each payment to NMA:

    News and Notes


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