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2014 PEOPLE: BIZ: Hypergriders: Seven things YOU can do to promote the Hypergrid

Seven things YOU can do to promote the Hypergrid

  1. Google+ communities
  2. Outworld communities
  3. Social media likes
  4. Pass on articles related to HG
  5. Promote events and places on the web
  6. Your blog
  7. Videos
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News and Notes

SciFi Film Festival

  • Deadline for Regular submissions Midnight – 1 August 2015
  • Deadline for Late Submissions Midnight – 29 August 2015

Summer of Arts submissions open Monday on Metropolis

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    1. On Google+ and other social media, find, join, and post in groups related to Opensim and Hypergrid.  Google+ is friendly to pseudonyms, so it is the place where you can most easily recognize your friends from the virtual worlds. Opensim Virtual is a growing general interest community.  And here are some more:  Communities of the virtual worlds on Google+.  If you have an interest with no matching  G+ community, create a community.  Use Hypergrid in the name. 
    2.  Find an outworld (RL) community in social media with some interests that match yours on the hypergrid.   Join and occasionally post a link to some link to an article about a hypergrid community with similar interests.     
    -3.  On social media, watch for posts related to the Hypergrid.  Like (or whatever the term)  them and share them with your contacts.
    -4.  Follow some blogs that cover Hypergrid activities. When you see articles that might be of interest to your friends in the old world, pass them on.  I think the easiest way to follow multiple blogs is with a news aggregator.  I use Feedly.   My own aggregation is in my blog roll in the column at right of this blog.  An easy way to pass posts on to your friends is via your Google+ stream.
    5.  Promote anything you are connected with--project, event, creation for sale-- on the web and include a hypergrid address, with coordinates to the location.  I like to use 2 forms, the standard HG address and the Firestorm hop:
    6.  Create a blog about your grid, community, venue, activities.  You can add collaborators  to a Blogger blog.  Include pictures with avatars doing things.  
    7.  Make and post videos of photogenic virtual world activities.  Be sure to have people (ok, avatars) doing things. YouTube


    News and Notes


      How to handle a Hypergrid address in Firestorm

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