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2015 SEE: PEOPLE: Trial plan for Metaverse Tours

Trial plan for Metaverse Tours
Metaverse tours are currently in suspension for the summer.  This proposal is not an official plan for operation, but a proposal for operating Metaverse Tours. Serene Jewell is the owner of the community and would be the one to decide to adopt this plan or any part of it.   
Starting a metaverse tour
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News and Notes

SciFi Film Festival

  • Deadline for Regular submissions Midnight – 1 August 2015
  • Deadline for Late Submissions Midnight – 29 August 2015

Summer of Arts submissions open Monday on Metropolis

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Find and select destinations 

  • Invite trip suggestions from anyone, including site hosts.
  • suggestion is made by a post in Metaverse tours
  • Members can endorse suggestion in comments on the post.
  • Anyone can nominate a trip by offering to host it.
  • Tours most likely to be attractive will be hosted by region owner/manager
  • nomination carries several proposed times and the HG address.
  • Put a textable destination address in the invitation.  
  • The community has a G+ calendar managed by community leaders.
  • A leader may put a nominated event on the calendar and notify the host.
  • Community leaders are people who have posting access to the calendar.
  • Posting access to the calendar is given by the calendar owner.

TIme-flexible tour plans

  • The standard time for Metaverse Tours is Saturdays, 1 pm California time.
  • Events may be nominated for other times.  
  • Members can indicate interest by comments on the post.
  • Non-standard times may be scheduled if there is enough interest

One tour, one destination

  • A tour will start on the hour.  
  • And will end before the next hour.
  • Tours can be held in succession on the same day if people want that. 

Tour start

  • Touring people gather at the entry point of the destination on the hour.
  • Communication may be by text and local voice.  
  • Other methods may be suggested by the host.
  • Tour lasts one hour.  Another tour can be scheduled for the next hour.


Current suggestions for Metaverse Tours

  • Joe Builder's lost world, Joe Builder
  • Friends of Arcadia Asylum (multiple destinations)
  • A learning activity on BSU's REDGrid. Stephen Gasior, July or early August 
  • VIBE grids. Stephen Gasior

News and Notes


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