Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 HG: PEOPLE: WIP Show at Hobo Sandbox on Cookie II, Kitely

WIP Show at Hobo Sandbox on  Cookie II, Kitely
Updated 7/31/2015
Work in Progress on the Hypergrid.  The WIP show helps keep up with it.  About once a week, we meet to hear content creators show and tell about something they are working on (or have finished and are marketing or distributing).  Questions, answers, suggestions, pictures.

  • Location: Hobo Sandbox on the Cookie II region on Kitely. 
  • HG:  Paste the line below into the world map next to Find.  Click Find, TP.
  • II 
  • Arrive: Walk into the Hobo Sandbox door at the Arrival Center
  • or use the Firestorm Hop now that you are in Kitely. 
  • (paste Firestorm Hop in Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, Enter
  • Firestorm Hop:  hop:// II/56/377/22
  • Time1st and 3rd Fri./2nd and 4th Sun. of month, noon Pacific Coast time
  • Show will last no more than one hour.  
  • Google CommunityThe Hypergrid WIP Show
  • Organizer and MCSerene Jewell



  • People from all grids are invited to attend and to present.  
  • You must join the Hobo Sandboxers group to be able to rez.
  • Just ask for an invitation when you get here.  The MC has invite authority.
  • You rez and tell about your object.  
  • The time allowed depends on the number of presentations.
  • The show starts at noon and is over by 1 pm Pacific coast time.
  • The presentation is done in voice and text chat.  
  • Best bring a prepared notecard with the description.
  • You can copy the notecard into chat.    
  • Make objects phantom if possible to reduce lag. 
  • You can leave objects as demos on freebies.  
  • We only return stuff to clear space.
  • Your rez power remains while you remain in the group  
  • Any kind of creativity is welcome:
  • prims, mesh, avatars, scripts, animations, and images.
  • events, installation art, particle art, full worlds.
  • Full worlds won't fit?  Use creativity.

If you are coming from a grid other than Kitely:

  • Put the item in your suitcase and it will come with you. 
  • If you don't have a suitcase folder, 
  • you may have to give the item to the event host to rez. 

If you are using OSSL functions with threat  level above none

Previous reports on WIP

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