Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 HOBBY: Sailing the seas of Opensim

Sailing the seas of Opensim
Updated 4/22/2016Scroll down for news and notes
by Kayaker Magic


How to make a sailboat for Opensim

This is a fast and furious tut for making a scripted sailing vehicle for opensims. It works well on both single regions and megaregions, but excepting between subregions in a megaregion, it probably cannot cross from one sim to another at this time.


The Flotsam Project strives to create a better sailing environment in virtual worlds powered by the Open Simulator project, by developing new custom region modules, as well as encouraging and supporting enhancements to the OpenSim core.
Make sure you check out Flotsam's Wiki page to see what all we're up to.

64-sim Megaregion

This mega region was planned to make a sailing region perhaps later a racing region. I have sailed the entire perimeter around and through the canals. Now I need to add some trees and such to dress it up.
Everything you need to setup a mega region is included. The .oar also includes waterfalls and a teleport system.



Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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