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2014 PEOPLE: HELP: Role playing tools, immersive writing, encounter boxes

Role playing tools, immersive writing, encounter boxes
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3D places in a box.  Scenes for immersion.

  • Role playing
  • Storytelling in the scene
  • Language learning.  See, name, talk about. 
  • Video production
  • Improvisation practice.  Support your imagination
  • Writing.  Use the scene for ideas 

A few of the scenes

  • Diner
  • Hospital
  • Police station
  • Rope bridge
  • Sheriff's office
  • Space ship, command deck
  • Treasure chamber
  • Slow boat to china
  • Western town, main street
  • Train in a western scene
  • and lots more

Get 'em here for Second Life

She is refusing treatment!
Police station
You are under arrest.  Breaking into a jail is a felony.  
  • Rezz 'em on your land.
  • Rezz 'em in a sandbox.
  • Rezz 'em  on group land (if you have rezz rights).
Rope bridge
This is the tourist attraction?  
Sheriff's office
Looking for the sheriff?  Sorry, she is not in right now.  Target practice.

Mint Entertainment is making hundreds of Encounter Boxes, covering many genres: 

  • Medieval
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Old West
  • Steampunk
  • Gothic
  • Modern
  • Cyberpunk
  • Victorian
  • Near Future  
Space ship, command deck
Captain, I have a personal matter to discuss..
Sorry, I can't see you now.
Treasure chamber
All I found here was a credit card.
Old freighter 
Mr. Moto?  What is he doing here?  
Western town, main street
Sorry, podner.  This is Starbuck's. All we sell is coffee.    
Train in a western scene
Sorry, honey, but we're out of steam.  We'll just have to park here for a while.  But let's get comfortable and make the best of it.

Scene in a box: some of the benefits of a holodeck


News and Notes

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U.S. Army Research Lab’s Simulation & Training Technology Center announced an open postdoctoral position on the MOSES team, which is working to develop the MOSES OpenSim grid and associated technologies.   Hypergrid Business

    Around the virtual worlds  


    • The Spotlight Theatre League, in association with Lady Garden Cabaret, 
    • is auditioning for the musical Rent in Second Life    
    • The performance will be held October 30th at 7pm slt
    • Auditions will be held June 9th - 13th from 1pm to 4pm slt
    • in the showroom at the Lady Garden Cabaret.
    • Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:
    • Please contact Brad Mactavish in Second Life to schedule an audition.




    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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