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2014 PEOPLE: ART: SL11B: Second Life, the first 11 years. The empires of the future...

SL11B: Second Life, the first 11 years.  
The empires of the future are the empires of the minds
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Sunday June 22nd – Sunday June 29th—seven days of amazing exhibits, music, conversation, debate, firework displays, games, puzzles, sports and everything else the wonderfully inventive communities of Second Life™ can pack into seven days and 11 sims.  And seven more days to explore, after the events are over.
Pod tours, the map

See the sights via pod tours 
  • Pod services by Yavanna Llanfair.  
  • Two 40-minute tours. 
  • Narration in text.
Yea, like a brain 
Where else would you put the empires of the minds?
Teleports to key locations
The time capsule
Flying Saucers and little green men/women are regular visitors to Second Life
A cartoon in 3D
Marines in Second Life
Join the Second Life Military Community
The Second Life Military Community (SLMC) is a community that has been around for nine years. We are combat enthusiasts, content creators, and in some cases, even roleplayers. We fight using the Linden Labs Combat System (LLCS), and the community spans well over a dozen different militaries - each with its own home region for others to attack, and for them to defend. 
You can also find them in search (Ctrl f)
The Written Word


The story of cystic fibrosis

Have you seen this device?

If there’s one thing that makes SL unique, it’s our community of users. Users from all corners of the globe come together under a single umbrella to build a community that comes from our minds and our imaginations. Everything we see, touch and use in Second Life is a product of our imaginations, our minds, and our community.
Sailing in Second Life
The marines have landed in SL
A pirate ship? 

Explore the Blake Deeps


News and Notes

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U.S. Army Research Lab’s Simulation & Training Technology Center announced an open postdoctoral position on the MOSES team, which is working to develop the MOSES OpenSim grid and associated technologies.   Hypergrid Business


Around the virtual worlds  



  • MadPea writing Contest 
  • Prizes (in Lindens)
  • 10,000L 1st place
  • 3,000L 2nd place
  • 2,000L 3rd place


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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