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2014 1stHELP: SEARCH: In Second Life I can go to adult places, but I can't find them in search

In Second Life I can go to adult places, 
but I can't find them in search.
Instructions here apply to standard SL viewer 3.6 or above.  Details may differ in other viewers. 
V3.2 Search window
Click image to enlarge
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + f 
This is a common question.  Simple answer -- you have authorize the search system to show you adult content.  See the screenshot above.  
Why?  Because not everyone over 18 wants to see graphic sexual pictures.  Especially not at  work or when some other family members might see the screen.
  • You can open the search window with a click on the search button 
  • I open the search window with a shortcut: Ctrl+f
  • That is a keyboard standard and will get a search option in many places
  • If the system recognizes you as an adult, you can set your maturity to Adult
  • If you don't click the adult button, you won't see adult content.
  • You can also get this search window in your browser at  
  • Bur you may have to use the window in the viewer to see adult content. 
Adult content
The system recognizes you as an adult or not based on the birth date you entered when you registered.  But it will not let you go to adult places unless you authorize that.  Here is what you need to do:
  • Me (top menu) 
  • Preferences 
  • General tab
  • I want access to content rated: G M A
  • You have to click A before you can go to adult places.
Preferences, General tab
Click image to enlarge
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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