Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013 ART: LEA: AIR: Round 5 Artists-in-Residence

LEA: AIR: Round 5 Artists-in-Residence
  • Round 5 of Artists-in-Residence
  • 20 artists each get a full sim for five months
  • Create and display their proposed projects
  • Official announcement
  • Full-sim immersions
  • Innovative builds geared specifically for multimedia works 
  • such as sound and machinima projects.
Artists will have up to four months to build their projects (though many have suggested they will be completed sooner), with all exhibits set to be open by end of November. 
  • Karkassus Jigsaw 
  • Giovanna Cerise 
  • Takni Resident 
  • Marx Catteneo 
  • NaTaS Janus 
  • aloisio congrejo 
  • Joey Aboma 
  • Livio Korobase 
  • olgastr63 
  • Azwaldo Villota* 
  • Eupalinos Ugajin 
  • Newbab Zsigmond 
  • Asterion Coen* 
  • Winter Wardhani 
  • Scotsgraymouser Janus 
  • Gracie Kendal* 
  • Crap Mariner *
  • Johnas Merlin 
  • Kimika Ying 
  • gnupf gufler 
*Previous articles about these artists are noted below
Gracie Kendal
Azwaldo Villota 
Suggestions for the artists from an art blogger
Open early.  Open as early as possible, even if only part of your work is ready.  If you wait 4 months, you are competing for attention with 19 other artists.  If you open early, you will get early attention.  Bloggers will probably give intense coverage to the first few open sims, but coverage will be taper off later.  
Make the whole sim public.   If some parts are unfinished, put up construction signs.   Personally, I am annoyed by ban lines in an area otherwise public area.  They are obviously unfriendly.   If you don't like the public, don't make public displays.
Use paths, teleports, SLurls, and landmarks to guide people.  You will have a landing point at the arrival area, but leave teleport routing set to anywhere if you possibly can.  That lets bloggers offer SLurls to specific locations they are describing and picturing.  It also makes it possible for visitors to return to a specific location of their choice. 
Put all the information in notecards in the arrival area.  That is especially good for bloggers, but also of benefit to all visitors--and therefore to you.  
Get someone not familiar with the work to give you feedback.  If you are writing to the public, don't just write to the ingroup.
If you plan an event, look at this:
Previous articles about LEA AIR

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