Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 COMMUNITY: Commune Utopia, "mellow, friendly, family-like feeling"

Commune Utopia
"mellow, friendly, family-like feeling"
A community in Second Life
  • Be what you want to be at Commune Utopia. 
  • A happy community of hippies
  • creating the idyllic 60's boho life of music
  • conversation, love, art, expression of soul. 
"We are a hippie commune of over 1000 lovely people. We have a thriving community, which holds regular parties, live music events, discussions, art shows and writing classes. We believe in freedom of expression - freedom in talk, freedom in creativity and some of us like freedom in sex. We respect all. Voyeurs may wander about, but only group members may participate fully."
Adult location
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What do people say about the Commune?
"It's one of the rare places in SL where you feel welcomed right away and there are nearly every time people around to have wonderful discussions or great parties with. So the decision to join was pretty easy. ;)-The love - peace - hippies atmosphere, the general intelligence and friendliness, the nice lack of uptightness about sex (in -either- direction).-People tend to be much more intellectually inclined. They also tend to be sexy. That's a nice combination.-
I liked the tendency of communers to SPEAK with each other. It immediately felt very different than other naughty-friendly places -- less meat market and more meet market.  
 "It's mellow and fun and the people are nice and it hints at progressive ecological and socially minded philosophies which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus it's a sex positive space. 
"... a place where one could always find a friendly person to enjoy being with. And a place to make new friends.-The free easy going style and mood. The family-like feeling when being there and all the open minded people."

"You will not find better friends anywhere in sl - freethinking, intelligent and fun people who are extremely loyal to the Commune and the beautiful way of life here. We're not like other places - everyone here has the chance to create their own events, send their own notices, rezz their things and use the Commune the way they want. In return, we have a wonderful variety of events as people share their talents - be it in art, music, literature, dressing up ideas, silly games, sensual encouragement of the shy." 

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  1. Thankyou for this blog post. We look forward to welcoming everyone into our happy family!

  2. Awesome you swung by..wish I had been around to say hi!


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