Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 WRITE: BLOGS: How to keep up with the news you want to follow.

BLOGS: How to keep up with the news 
you want to follow.

  • You find a blog or news source carrying news you want to read.
  • What do you do?
  • Bookmark--you have to keep checking
  • News page, such as Google news
  • Follow, subscribe--get notices of publications
  • Feed reader-- Which and how?
  • Circle in Google+
  • Don't think either-or.  Think both-and.
  • OK for web pages that don't change often
  • For blogs and news, you have to keep checking
  • Blogs and news change frequently.   
  • I forget to check.  I need another plan.
News page, such as Google news
  • Adequate for major news
  • But not for specialized news and blogs
  • No easy way to select the sources 
  • Usually they show the same story long after I read it
Follow, subscribe--get notices of publications
  • You can usually find a follow option on the blog.  
  • If you click that, you may find that you can request email notices.
  • Or the Follow button may let you subscribe via a feed reader 
Feed reader-- Which and how?
  • I use Feedly.   To subscribe to a blog or news source: 
  • Click the +Add Content button (upper left).  
  • Enter the target url of the home page in the entry window.
  • Click the + by the name of the source you want.
  • Check the category you want to put this item in. 
  • Click the Update button to store your settings.
  • Feedly will display one category at a time.
  • So use the categories to help collect articles.
  • And organize your information explosion.
  • BTW, you can use the RSS symbol found on many blogs,
  • but it only works for Geeks.
  • Feedly lets me mark items as read,
  • So I only see the new news.
Circle in Google+
  • Many bloggers post links in Google+ when they publish.
  • If you circle the blogger, you see the link.
  • The blogger can see that you circled.
  • And can easily circle you back.
  • If you are a blogger, you like the reciprocal connection.
  • I have a circle for people who post on things I want to keep up with.
  • I monitor that circle closely
  • When I see that a blogger has circled me, I circle them back.
  • So I see the posts and can use them as leads for my articles
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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