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2013 HOBBIES: ROLEPLAY: United Federation of Planets. Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet.

ROLEPLAY: United Federation of Planets. 
Gamma Quadrant.

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Uploaded on Oct 15, 2009
Tour of United Federation of Planets: Gamma Quadrant, home in Second Life on the planet of Majel. We are a second life Star Trek full immersion Role Play area. Join us in Second Life and live a Second Life as a StarFleet Officer.
The command deck of the Majel
  • A roleplay exercise is beginning
  • I am there as an observer
  • So I am not in uniform
The participants are:
  • Admiral Charlie Duffield
  • Lt Commander Andrea
  • Lt Kinney Bellic
  • Commander LoveWitch Silverweb
Starfleet Ranks:
Starfleet ranks are granted based on two primary requirements: Time in Grade (the amount of time you have been at a specific rank), and Contribution (How much you have done for UFGQ while at that rank). 

  • Ensign
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Rear Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral
Minimum Crew
Lt. Commander Andrea
There are three primary roles that members of UFGQ play: 
1. You may apply for Starfleet Academy and become a Starfleet Officer

2. You may be a Civilian.
3. If you are a unique species you may apply for the Embassy for your species/group
Lt Commander Andrea is experiencing an unexplained energy drain and needs assistance
What is freeform roleplay?
    Freeform Roleplay is a form of roleplay wherein you guide the experience of not just yourself, but the other people involved in the roleplay scenarios. It is how you feel your character should act and respond to the environment around him or her. 

    Freeform Roleplay requires the willingness to concede to the situation. For instance, if you are a member of a starship crew, and your ship is being fired upon, you would be expected to follow the orders of your Captain to help see to the ship's surival.

    But in the same situation, you would be expected to play to the role of your station. For example, if you are a helm officer, you would be expected to come up with obstacles that may lie in the space surrounding your vessel (e.g. "Captain, there is a mine field directly ahead. I suggest we take another course.").

    The key to freeform roleplay is to live out your fantasies in an environment with others who want to fulfill the same fantasies. It is like multiple people writing a book, each from the perspective of a single character. It is the combination of these perspectives that create the full story and enjoyment of those involved.

An unidentified object is on a collision course and likely to strike the Majel
Red alert
Collision! Fire! 
 Activate fire suppression systems
Fire suppression activated. 
Fire suppression effective.  
Autorepair complete.
Stand Down.
  • Academy
  • Command
  • Communications
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Engineering
  • Scripting Department:
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps:
  • Medical:
  • Operations (Ops):
  • Science:
  • Security:

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