Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2013 HELP: Is Windows 8 compatible with Second Life viewers?

Is Windows 8 compatible with Second Life viewers?
Viewer 3.x
Microsoft says yes
And at least 10 people have told me they are running Second Life on Windows 8.
How about Windows 7? And 64 bit?
Whenever you get a new computer
Update your Driver!
  • From the Vendor's web site
  • Never let Microsoft update your video driver
Installer may not recognize your graphics card
  • May complain about your graphics card
  • Don't stop.  Install and try
  • May set graphics to minimum level
  • Check graphics settings
Potential Problem (any OS)

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  1. este visor funciona despued de buscar mucho lo encontre

  2. este visor funciona lo busque mucho