Monday, November 5, 2012

2013 STAGE: Theater and Machinima, casting calls

Theater and Machinima, Casting calls
I have a mailing list of people in Second Life who have indicated an interest in getting casting calls and other notices of theater work in virtual worlds.  Click more to see how you can use this free service.
To subscribe to the mailing list

To send a casting call to my mailing list
(263 people)
Make a notecard
  • Audition dates and times and location links
  • Projected performance dates and times 
  • Project description
  • Brief scenario
  • Product description
  • Distribution plans
  • Relevant web links
  • Character descriptions
  • Scripts for auditions
  • Fee paid and conditions, if any
  • Send the notecard to Thinkerer Melville in Second Life
What attracts skilled people?
  • Fees
  • Professional casting call
  • Professional scenario and scripts
  • Challenging roles
  • Credibility of project
  • Promising distribution plans


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