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2014 HELP: Textures, Pictures. How to make and use them

Textures, Pictures. How to make and use them 
How to use textures and pictures in Second Life
V3.2 New Snapshot window
Click image to enlarge
  • Picture, image: a file that can be rendered as an image
  • Texture Geek for picture
  • Format:  Coding conventions. Common formats: .jpg, .png, .tga
  • Layer:  A layout of the image showing the amount of one color (or something else)  that is present at each point.  
  • Alpha layer: A layout showing the level of transparency at each point.
  • Alpha channel: Like  the Red, Green, Blue, channels but displays as transparent 
  • Targa: .tga format.  Handles the alpha channel.
Image processing tools:
  • Picture taken with almost any digital camera
  • Picture from Second Life: Snapshot button
  • Basic Camera Controls: See, Zoom, roam, and tag
  • Screen capture: Jing
  • Image capture with Fraps or other video capture software
  • You can remove the User Interface (UI) with Ctrl+Alt+F1
  • Gimp-Savvy Archive 25,000 pictures you can download (free of copyright)
  • Google search, images (check restrictions on use.)
Imagery types offered by
To use textures in Second Life
Download textures (pictures,graphics) from SL
If you have a texture in SL and want to download it to your computer, do this:
  • Find the texture in your inventory;
  • Double click to display it.
  • Click save as button (if you don't see it. you don't have full perms) 
  • Follow instructions for saving to your computer.
The downloaded file will probably be in .tga format.  You may want it in a different format.  Or you may want to work with it.  My preference for working with images (textures) is 
It is free and does about what Photoshop does.  If you are familiar with Photoshop, you will prefer that.  Either program will read a .tga file, let you work with it, and output it in any standard format.

Grid created by alpha channel 
to make holes transparent
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