Friday, November 23, 2012

2013 MUSIC: VIDEO: YouTube Channel: rpbizzle (Robert69 Little); Music videos from the virtual world

YouTube Channel: rpbizzle (Robert69 Little); 
Music videos from the virtual world
Bart (Bartelby Pegler) @ Guthries Folk Club
Hello and thank you for stopping by my channel. I am a Second Life Live Music Video Producer and I have produced a little over 1300 Second Life Live Music videos. I do hope you'll enjoy what I've had the honor to capture. If you decide to come into Second Life.. be sure to search the "Live Events" menu and you'll find some of the best live music venues where they have some fantastic live music. So please check out a few videos and you'll see what I mean. My name inworld is Robert69 Little.
Link to Robert's channel, rpbizzle (Robert69 Little)

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