Thursday, November 1, 2012

2013 BIZ: VIDEO: Writing Live! Help us write a comedy script

Writing Live! Help us write a comedy script.
Yeah.  Like making sausage.  The Avatar Repertory Theater writers  have produced a comedy script.   Now, right in front of God and everybody, the Avatar Repertory Theater actors will give it a cold read.  Then the actors and the audience will offer comments.  
Come to Art Plays Around on Friday, Nov. 2 at 5 pm SLT
Then what?
Full disclosure: This script will not be perfect.
Perfect is future.  This script is now. Here, now, in this moment.  
The story this far
Next step, come to Art Plays Around on Friday, Nov. 2 at 5 pm SLT
  • Offer new comedy lines
  • Suggest revisions
  • Offer ideas for more episodes
  • Offer ideas for a new series
  • This project is open to new writers
Avatar Repertory Theater writers 
Current organization and operation
General meeting (as needed)
Meets Saturdays 5-6 pm SLT and other times by arrangement with Thinkerer
Cookie Town Center
Thinkerer will be available in this period (and probably later) to meet with new writers and 
to confer with SWGs meeting at about the same time (see below).  
Circus SWG (Organizer: Kayden Oconnell)
Meets Saturdays 5 pm SLT 
Cookie Town Center
Status: has completed draft script for the opening episode. 
Current Tasks:
Reformat draft script to meet ART working form (done)
Attend cold read at Art Plays Around Fri. Nov 2. 5 pm SLT
Develop collection of episode outlines in the form of issues and resolutions. 
Sc-Fi SWG (Organizer: Catboy Qunhua) 
Meets Saturdays 5:45 pm SLT  (approximate-- after Circus meeting is finished)
Cookie Town Center
Status: Orgnizing, Developing characters
World: Trailer park in the 1950's in which things happen as in 1950's B movies. 
Characters:  TBD

3 intelligent squirrels act as observers, provide commentary, transitions, and continuity. 

Think Mystery Science theater 3000

Some trailer park people also provide continuity
Aliens as suggested by the movies    

Episodes based on issues suggested by the movies, probably not resolved as in the movies. 
Multi-part eposodes may be used to fit longer stories. Segments here would end in cliff-
Dilana Llewellyn SWG (New)
Dilana is now looking over the collection of worlds to pick one.  If you have a world you 
would like to pitch, try it on Dilana
Meeting Time: TBD
Status: Organizing, Developing world and characters
World: TBD
Characters TBD
Comedy SWG (Doc Grun)
Doc Grun is heading up a specialized comedy writing SWG. This team will work over episode 
drafts to add more comedy elements or to sharpen existing comedy elements. 
Meeting time: not established. May be as called
Status: Current Tasks: 
Review and add comedy lines to the draft of Circus series episode 1 (copies distributed.)

Ludo Merit SWG (Deferred, Ludo is busy)

Ludo Merit is starting a new script writing SWG.  This SWG Will start with a focus on 
schedule.  Ludo can fit a weekly meeting on a weekday afternoon (SL time).  That timing will 
fit to European times. Ludo has not picked a series world yet, so if the time period might fit 
you, maybe you want to suggest one to her.

World: TBD
Characters TBD
Meeting Time: TBD (Weekdays, SL afternoons) 



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