Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2013 PROMO: Live blogging with MySL.

Live blogging with MySL   
You could post about these things with pictures:
  • Art exhibits
  • Your art exhibit
  • Entertainment events 
  • Your entertainment venue
  • A performance you are enjoying
  • A performance you are managing
  • Your current role-playing adventure
  • Your role-playing sim and current happenings
  • Your store and your current specials  
What can people do with it? 
  • Your friends can see your posts on their MySL pages
  • Use MySL for promoting your event, with pictures
  • They can enlarge the picture by clicking on it
  • They can click the Love button to send it to their friends
  • With enough clicks, your post will go to the Trending stream
  • The Trending stream is open to anyone using MySL
Later use
  • Your posts stay on your profile, at least for a while
  • People can copy the pictures-- in Chrome: right click, copy image 
  • People can copy the SLurl from the Visit Location button
  • in Chrome  that is right click, copy link address 
  • Anyone could use the post to make a blog about the event
  • Or make a collage from various posts by multiple visitors
  • Or a video collage.
How to 
  • You take a picture V3.2 Snapshot button (camera)
  • Add a comment  
  • Leave the Include location box checked
  • Click the post button
  • After you get the uploaded notice, open your profile
  • Click the Love button on the post 
  • Tell some other people about it
  • Suggest that they go to you profile and also click Love 
  • Repeat whenever you see something worth telling about
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