Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2013 ART: VIDEO: On Thin Ice, By Chic Aeon

On Thin Ice, by Chic Aeon 
In her own video,
adding new reach to art in virtual worlds
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Commentary By  Chic Aeon 
Art from art, a documentary of sorts on my LEA installation "On Thin Ice".

Gallery meets exploratorium in an interactive journey with a reminder that as nations, individuals and species we are each day -- walking on thin ice.

Corridors twist and turn leading visitors on a personal and sometimes interactive adventure.

Nine galleries filled with sculpture, word clouds, machinima and poetry tell a story of where we are and the choices we face.

Chic Aeon extends her art to the creation of videos, one of which is presented here. Other videos by Chic Aeon are listed on this page:
Videos carry the art from the virtual world into the world of ordinary experience.   


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