Thursday, February 9, 2012

2013 PROMO: Use social media to promote your blogs

Use social media to promote your blogs

  • Objective: Attract readers.
  • Objective: Get leads.
Objective: Attract readers. 
The benefit from any of these depends on the number of contacts you have.  So it pays to build up your contact list.  Be sure to include some way for people to pass on your post to their friends on other social media by clicking ShareLike, Love, +1, or something else.  Look at the bottom of this article to see how I do it with the tools from Blogger
My opinion, as of now-- Best to worst
Share a link to a blog post with the right interest groups. Good targeting.
Facebook lets you reach people in groups, even if they are not on your contact list.  And you can reach people who have shown an interest in the subject you are posting about.
This can pick up your blog automatically if you click a +1 button.  The value depends on the people who have you in their circles.  

Share a link to a blog post with SL friends and followers.
If these people click Love they send the post  to their friends and followers.  The catchment area is entirely within Second Life, but may be well targeted on people who will be interested in a particular post.    
Since people can comment on you post, you may trigger a conversation with people strongly interested in the subject.  That looks like a good way to get the attention of new readers.
MySL, Communication, friends, followers and followees 
Networked Blogs  Syndication will automatically feed your posts to Facebook and Twitter.
TwitterFeed service .  This service will publish any suitable newsfeed - Blogger or other - to any of 5 online services.
  • Twitter
  • Statusnet
  • Hellotxt
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
Networked Blogs will feed Twitter your posts automatically, so you can post on Twitter with no extra effort.   
You can reach people here who have professional interests.  If your posts fit their interests, this may be a valuable contact.  
What I do
  • Networked blogs for automatic post  to Facebook and Twitter
  • Manual post to MySL: title and link
  • Copy-paste from MySL to Google+
  • Copy-paste also to selected Facebook groups relevant to content
  • Copy-paste to Linkedin if professionally relevant
Objective: Get leads.
  • Feedly Follow bloggers and other news sources, get new notices automatically.  Feedly is a a good replacement for Google Reader.
  • Google+.  Make a circle with you best sources.
  • Facebook, follow selected groups. 
  • Twitter (with selected list of people who post the kind of things you want to know about.)
  • Linkedin.  Information from professionals, usually about professionally relevant information
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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