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2013 1stHELP: Where am I? Where do I want to be?

Where am I? Where do I want to be? 2012
Simple answer:(Viewer 3.2)  Look at the white navigation bar near the top of your viewer window. You see: The name of the sim you are in and the name of the parcel.   Right click on the navigation bar to see some options about what it displays and what you can do with it.  I like to have it show coordinates and parcel properties. 
This article applies to Viewer 3.2 and above.  Other viewers may be different.
Screenshot -- click to enlarge  
  • Sim.  Square of land run as a unit by a single simulator.  Think of it as a village
  • Parcel.  Area of a sim with its own settings.  Like a neighborhood or plot for a house, yard, or store.
  • Teleport: Move quickly to a selected spot.  Move, Teleport, Travel, Fly. Sit (Oct.) Preferences
  • Landmark: Location of a specific point.  Use it to teleport to that point.
To see the local map of where you are:
  • Map button (folded paper)
  • Or: World (Top Menu) -- World Map
  • Or Ctrl+m
  • Green dots are people.
  • Lots of green dots mark a crowd
To get more information about the place:
About land button (sign)
To get a landmark for your location:
  • Click the star at the right of the navigation bar
  • The landmark will go into your inventory, Landmarks folder. 
  • To use a landmark in your inventory, double cllck on it.
To teleport to a place on the map
  • Double-click on the place
  • Or click once, then click the teleport button 
To Zoom
Use the Zoom slide bar
Where do I want to be? 

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