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2013 HELP: Land: Protect your place/event from griefers.

Defend your place/event from griefers.
These instructions apply to Viewer 3.2, not necessarily to other viewers.
Here are things you can do to protect your place from people who create problems, assuming you own or control the land.
General methods anyone can use
You might want to post something from here in chat if it is relevant to the situation
Defense against the Dark Arts 

No public access
Create a group for attendees.   Restrict parcel or region access to that group.  Region  access control on an island is strongest.  Some griefing can cross into a restricted parcel if the parcel is not large. On an island, the access control can  extend to the whole island.
Parcel access control 
Region access control
  • World (top menu)
  • Place Profile
  • Region/estate 
  • Estate tab 
Restricted public access
  • Payment information on file
  • Age verification
Controlled public access for an event
Actions that a sometimes limited to members of the controlling group.
  • Create/rez objects, 
  • Object entry, 
  • Run scripts.  
Create a group for attendees.  Set parcel options to restrict these options to group only.
V3.2 About land button (sign)
These options will disable many griefing methods.  Some that remain possible are associated with an avatar that you can eject and ban.
Eject/ban from a parcel
See that several people working with you (members of the group that owns the parcel) have the power to eject and ban people from the parcel.  You need at least two people and preferably three.  
If you see the offending  avatar:
Right click on the avatar, look for eject.  The ban option will be offered after you click eject.  If you do not see the ban option, change your activated group, to the group that gives you the ban authority.  You may also need to change your group role to the role that gives you that authority.
If you have only the name of the avatar:
World (top line) -- Place Profile --  About land -- Access -- Banned Residents -- Add
The add button will give you a new window -- enter the name -- Click Close.  
Note:  You can also eject/ban from a private island if you are the owner or estate manager.  
  • World (top menu)
  • Place Profile
  • Region/estate 
  • Estate tab 
  • Banned Residents 
  • Add
Things you can tell your audience to do about specific kinds of problems. 
Voice: Avatar has microphone on, is broadcasting extraneous sounds  or echoing sounds from the venue.  You could eject the avatar.  Or you can type in chat: 
(Name of avatar) is broadcasting sounds that may annoy you.  To mute someone nearby, 
  • click the People button, 
  • select the Nearby tab, 
  • find the name, click it
  • click the green info dot
  • click the gear graphic
  • click Block   
Sound effects, unwanted
If you are hearing sounds that annoy you, turn off sound effects:
  • Ctrl P
  • Sound & media tab
  • Sound effects tab
  • Click the loudspeaker graphic
  • Red circle graphic means this channel is off
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