Sunday, February 5, 2012

2013 1stHELP: What people are talking about in Second Life- MySL Trending and other hot tips

What people are talking about in Second Life 
MySL Trending and other hot tips.
MySL Trending
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  • Visitor notices
  • Event Calendar
  • Entry Page
MySL is a web-based social network system integrated with Second Life. To reach it, point your browser to:
Visitor notices--MySL Trending

The notices in MySL Trending are usually created by people visiting an event or place. They can take a picture, enter some details, and include a landmark that will take you to the place.  They will probably post at the start of the event, so pay attention to how long ago the notice was posted. 
When an such a notice is posted on the MySL feed, it is only seen by friends and people following the person.  The notice gets promoted and seen in the trending page if several people click Love on it.  
To see these notices with your browser. go to:
To see these notices in Second Life, Click the Profile button,
Events Calendar
Login page:
Check the Login page for suggestions before you login.  That page carries notices about active places. Don't be put off by the information that a place has only 25 people. To avoid overcrowding, Second Life stops listing places when the place has more than 25 avatars.
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