Sunday, February 26, 2012

2013 ART: VIDEO: Art on art Claudia222 Jewell

Art on art  Claudia222 Jewell 
  • Participatory art
  • The people in your art
  • Art in the view of the beholder
  • Visitors bring the art to life
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-From a posting by  claudia222.jewell in MySL
"gonna start sharing some clips made by people that visited my last exposition called spirit thank you all very much for your photos and clips ."
Previous video by Claudia: Spirit
What's happening here?
  • A work of virtual art. 
  • Brought to life by the visitors
  • Visual commentary
  • Now expressed in video by the artist 
  • Summarizing the visual comments. 
  • Is the video "real" art?
Is the video "real" art?
You can watch it on TV.  Surely it is at least as real as the evening news.  In any case, it is available to a large audience.  You could put commercials around it, just as they do with the evening news segments.  Probably not Viagra commercials.  Different demographics.  
You might want somebody to curate a collection of these.  And someone to introduce the segments.  Maybe a French version of Alistair Cooke.  
Some people might even choose to watch things like this on TV, now that they read most of the evening news earlier on the internet.  Not a mass audience.  But you don't need a big audience to pay for this kind of production.  This is not like wrapping the Reichstag. 
Yes, I pulled a switch on you.  From the abstract academic issue of "real" art to the concrete pocket-book issue of commercial art.   That's because I want to see virtual art grow.  To do that, it needs to draw revenues that exceed the costs.  
How some artists encourage visual comments
  • Put the visitor in the art: offer free clothing that fits the art
  • Invite people to take and publish stills and videos
  • Tell how to send visual comments to the artist
  • Make clear that the visual comments may be used in a video summary

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