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2013 Help: Home points and login settings

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Login window with 

entry point options
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The instructions here apply to the standard Second Life viewer, 3.2 or above; they may not apply to other viewers.
Home, Home point. 
  • A specific safe  location that the system remembers for you.
  • Quick access: click on the house, top left of screen.
  • Where you first arrive in Second Life is your initial home point. You will always arrive at this point until you set home to a new place or change the some login settings.
  • Place you will return to if you "die" in a game.
Where can I set my home point?
To set home to your current location (if permitted)
World (Top menu)-- Set Home to Here .
You may need to have the group activated if you are on group land.
Login Settings
You can choose a login point before you login.   If you don't see the Start at option  (screenshot above) on your screen, get it this way:
Preferences, General tab
Click image to enlarge it.
When you next start to login, the screen will show the start at options.  The drop-down menu may show My home or My last Location and <Type region name>.  If you select  <Type region name> , you can enter a slurl or the name of a sim. 
A home is not a house. Your home point is just a point, not a house.  If you want a house, there are various ways to get them  There are several houses in the Hobo Welcome Kit,
available on hobo Island.

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