Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2013 PROMO: Promote your projects on your MySL feed

Promote your projects on your MySL feed
*MySL =
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My Home Feed
MySL is a website partly integrated into the Second Life databases.   As of now, it carries resident profiles and a social media chat stream somewhat like Twitter, a little like Facebook.  That means you can use the MySL chat stream  to promote your event or project, just as you have been using Facebook and Twitter.  
To open the MySL website, click on
If you are not signed in to Second Life, you will  probably have to sign in to see much of interest.     If you are signed in, you should see you profile page, starting with the Home tab.  Your profile and other tabs are there for you to click.  
This stream will carry postings by your friends.  If your friends are promoting events here, you will see the announcements, probably with a slurl or a location push-pin.  If you want to promote your event here, you can put it in the Share something box at the top of the  column.   In contrast to Twitter, you can use a lot more space.  Crap Mariner posts 100-word stories there, so the space allowance is pleasantly generous.  
Each post offers a Love button, which works much like the Facebook Like button, sending items you mark this way to all your friends (and probably all your followers too).
Followers?    Yeah, like Twitter.  Everybody on your Second Life friends list will get your postings in their feed.  People who are not on your friends list, can also get your postings if they click the Follow button they will find on your profile. (Your friends should not see this button and probably won't.)   
If you want to see how I am using the MySL feed, look me up at
That web address is made just by appending 
/(my username)
to the basic site url.  You can see the username on a person's profile.  (Don't confuse username with display name.)
I use my feed to send out the name and url for each on my posts, much as I do with Twitter and Facebook.  When people ask me what is happening in Second Life or what I do in Second Life, I send them to my profile and suggest they skim over it.  Or click though to my web page for more information.  
I think a lot of people who have performances or projects to promote will be doing the same before long. 


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