Sunday, September 4, 2011

2013 The Crazy Mixed-up Island of Dr. Moreau

The Crazy Mixed-up Island of Dr. Moreau
The Vantage Playgroup cast
The Crazy Mixed Up Island of Dr Moreau
This post is not about virtual worlds.  At least not about those newfangled things that run through the internet pipes.  The connection to the new virtual worlds on the internet is something I expect in the future.  We do lots of stage plays and theater in Second Life.
This post is about a stage play.  A local production in The Vantage at Cityview.    That's the retirement facility where I live.

Yes, I really am 82. And I do see a long-range connection between the virtual worlds of the internet and the virtual worlds of local/community theater.  What we do in Second Life, for example, is much like community theater, except in a different kind of community.  And we get there to participate with no limitations from disabilities or age.  The situation is very compatible with the activity needs of a retirement center.    
The cast (pictured above) is made up of residents of  the Vantage, as was most of the audience at the premier on August 19, 2011.  The play was directed and produced by Cholly Gordon, Program Supervisor.
The play is a comedy derived from The Island of Doctor Moreau, an 1896 science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells.  
The play script was obtained from Baker's Plays:
She-wolf--a love-sick canine
Played by Dot Lehman 
Thing from the forest--An "experiment" that got away
Played by Bob Smith
Sayer of the law--Once a black crow
Played by Bettye Baccus
Mail-Lady--Suspects nothing
Played by Dee Blakewell
Doctor Moreau--A mad scientist
Played by Sidney Soukup
Hedda--A faithful assistant
Played byTerri Banasik
Montgomery--An unwilling helper
Played by Barbara Dowdy
M'ling--A pekingese pup now in human form
Played by Fannette Sonkin
Kitty--A shipwrecked singer
Played by Roz Vaden
Shirley--A shipwrecked dancer
Played by Doris Klempnauer
Eddie--A shipwrecked traveller
Played by Kay Jones
Mrs. Van Dazzle-a shipwrecked society matron
Played by Lanell  Snow
Played by Dot Lehman
Played by Paul Jones
Played by Roberta Bower
Cat Lady
Played by Mary Rollins


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