Sunday, September 11, 2011

2013 MUSIC: VIDEO: Ian Pahute's All You Need Is Now

September Showcase by LEA
Abstract art in motion
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30 years ago, Girls on Film and Rio. I was in my late teens and Duran Duran gave us an aspirational vision of a world populated by beautiful people and underground edginess. Our ticket to this world was the DJ. We would step on to the dance floor and believe we were really part of it. Nothing else mattered. We would dance. We would swing. And then we grew up.
My take on 'All You Need Is Now' is the fans, 'The Duranies'! And the idea 'as middle-agers' we smile at our oh so grown up teenage values. But! And this is SO important, that those teenage moments are what make us special. They make us what we are. So I have tried in this video to articulate that feeling. That moment, again on the dance floor, when 'then' and 'now' become one.
And so to imagery. There is the scary Duran Duran elegance again (now day-glow druggy rather than new romantic cigarette monochrome). We have our beautiful (slightly unreal) people. And then The Duranies. They hit the dance floor. Beautiful! Middle aged! Self confident! Not a size zero model to be seen. Just strutting their stuff and living the moment. And maybe just maybe touching a little bit of teenage dream...
All You Need is Now! :-)
CreditsThe Duranies: Rowan, Baroque and Panache.
Backdrops: Image Organica. Thanks Thom!
Green screen and mocap: Isles Les Avries.
Direction, editing and all the other stuff: Ian Pahute.
* Please Note * The soundtrack for this video is licensed for the purpose of this competition.

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